Tristan SMP for, everyone.

Tristan SMP is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server for Java hosted in Sydney that offers an immersive and unique experience to its players.

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Friendly invite-only and immersive semi-vanilla Minecraft SMP.

Lifelong world

Our world is lifelong, with no server resets, and we change the spawn location with each major Minecraft update. We use advanced anti-cheat measures and packet-level anti-x-ray to ensure a fair gameplay experience.


Our community is friendly and welcoming, and we offer an active Discord community with a modern invite-only system that allows unaccepted players to explore the world. PvP is disabled, and we focus on building, working together, and having fun as a community, without relying on pay-to-win practices.


We also have Vane, a plugin suite that adds many exciting and lore-friendly features to the vanilla Minecraft experience, as well as vanilla-friendly enchantments and cosmetic benefits sourced through our community.

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