Allowed & disallowed modifications


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Sometimes, playing vanilla Minecraft can become boring. That’s why TristanSMP allows some client-side modifications to be used. However, some mods are disallowed on the server because one player can gain a significant advantage while using it.
The examples shown below are not an exhaustive list, and you can still be punished for using mods that are not listed on this page. Our staff team enforces this rule strictly, especially with our powerful anti-cheat.

Allowed modifications

Simple Voice Chat

TristanSMP has proximity chat support with the Simple Voice Chat client mod. If you would like to participate, you can install the mod using the Fabric, Forge, or Quilt mod loaders.

Performance mods

Examples: Optifine, Sodium, Lithium
Mods that only improve the performance of the game (e.g. FPS, ping, etc.) are allowed.

Graphics mods/texture packs

Examples: Vanilla Tweaks, Faithless, Full Bright, Iris, BSL Shaders, Complementary Shaders
Mods, texture packs, or shader packs that only change the texture of the game and don’t alter gameplay are allowed.

HUD mods

Examples: Lunar Client HUD, Inventory HUD+, Just Enough Items
Mods that add information that is otherwise visible elsewhere without the mod are allowed. For example, compasses, FPS counter, or shows the player’s coordinates.

Minimap/world map/waypoint mods

Examples: Xaero’s Minimap, Xaero’s World Map, JourneyMap
As your journey on TristanSMP continues, we recognise that writing lots of coordinates down can be quite inefficient. Thus, mods that add a minimap or a world map to your HUD are allowed. Waypoints are also allowed.

Freecam mods

Examples: Freecam
Mods that allow your player to modify their camera location (given that they are restricted to their player’s render distance and cannot fire/build from it) are allowed. This tool should not be used to assist in finding secret bases or similar.

Schematic/building mods

Examples: Litematica
Mods that assist in helping you remember where to place a block when you’re building are allowed. They should not be able to place blocks or modify blocks’ metadata directly (i.e. cannot be WorldEdit).

Calculator mods

Examples: Ninjabrain
Mods that do calculations based on what’s seen on the player’s screen are allowed. These calculations should theoretically be possible if done by hand.

Accessibility/QOL mods

Examples: MiniHUD, Full Bright, Zoom, LambDynamicLights, Mouse Tweaks, ShulkerBoxTooltip
Mods that extend the current set of Minecraft’s accessibility features or are considered quality-of-life mods are allowed. These mods should not give players advantages in PvE or PvP.

Cosmetic/social mods

Examples: Lunar Client, Essentials Mod
Mods that add cosmetics (e.g. skins, capes) or social features (e.g. friend lists, private messages) are allowed. Please keep in mind we cannot enforce behaviour made outside of our Discord and Minecraft servers.

Disallowed modifications

Pathfinding bot mods

Examples: Baritone
Mods that automate player actions such as mining, building, or otherwise pathfinding are not allowed.

Common cheating mods

Examples: Reach, Kill Aura, Velocity, Spoofed Packets
Mods that change/automate player movement and direction (including where the player is facing on the screen), or send spoofed packets are not allowed. Derivations of these mods (e.g. aim assist) that performs part of these mods are not allowed.
Hacked clients can be used provided that all (if any) disallowed modifications are disabled, including ones you think are disallowed.

X-ray mods/texture packs

Examples: X-ray Ultimate Texture Pack
TristanSMP has packet-level x-ray prevention by replacing blocks not exposed to air with ores from that dimension. Regardless, mods or texture packs that make opaque blocks transparent are considered x-ray mods and are not allowed.

If you are unsure if a modification is allowed or not, it’s a good idea to ask a staff member. It’s better to be safe than sorry!
Last Updated: 24/3/2023