The Market Update


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We are excited to finally officially release…
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What’s new?

The goal of "The Market Update" is to make it easy and enjoyable for players to sell, discover, and buy items.

“Deposit” Diamonds to the market

Using /deposit in game while holding diamonds will deposit your diamonds into your market balance, this allows you to spend them on listed products. You can retrieve them at any time when you don’t have any items in transit.
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“Deliver” items in transit

Using /deliver in game will transport all items that are in transit to your inventory. (Note if you have no items in transit, you will be given your diamonds balance as items instead).

“Package” Items to the market

Using /package <price> in game while holding an item will package it for sale in the market at the specified <price>.

In person sign shops

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The algorithm used for selecting the item goes as follows, Items that match the same hash -> Items sold by sign owner -> Sort cheapest to most expensive
Want to build an “in person” shop for your customers to visit in-game instead of making them browse the online market? Using /create-sign-shop <hash> while looking at a sign will create a sign shop linked to the specified item hash.
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The TSMP Blog

We now have a blog! In fact, you’re reading a blog post right now! Our goals for the blog are to:
  • Give players a source of TSMP related content.
  • Give a deeper dive into the software engineering that goes on in the background.
  • Showcase impressive community made creations, for example a blog post dedicated to the top 10 builds on the SMP)
  • Reach more potential players by our blog posts appearing on search engines.
Can I contribute to the blog?
Yes! All you need is a book and quill with a wireless antenna attached.
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It costs a single diamond to attach the antenna, this encourages a higher standard of content written by players due to the cost.
When you’re finish with your post, signing the book will submit the post for publication.
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A staff member will then edit your work and publish it.


In-game chat has been re-designed with accessibility and readability in mind.
  • Everyone has an icon prefix, this evens out chat.
  • Chat messages are now white and only names have different colors. This makes it easy for the brain to comprehend and skim read easier.

Other changes

  • Unified all in-game system messages to follow a schema of [TSMP] <message>.
  • Fixed asynchronous code from blocking the main thread.
  • Automated the process of granting users supporter.