TSMP Village Build Competition


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We’re building a safe, functioning village to house TSMP’s favourite residents…. VILLAGERS!
Head North-Northeast from spawn to the new allotments, claim one of the empty spaces and help build an epic village to beautify TSMP’s 1.19 spawn! The whole area is zombie-proof, and the goal is to have a functioning village. You can claim your build as your own house, as long as you’re happy to share with a roomie *villager honk* Rules are as follows:
  • Claims must be made on empty allotments only.
  • Allotments are 16x16 blocks.
  • Build height of 20 blocks enforced.
  • Builds must include at least 2 beds.
  • Builds must include at least 2 villager work blocks.
The build competition will run until Monday 27th of March and judging will commence in the following days. Extensions may be granted in particular circumstances.
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