Every $10 you donate, is 1 month of the @Supporter role.


  • Standout in-game chat with a golden username.
  • Become hoisted to the top of the player list with a stylish prefix.
  • Warm orange discord name.
  • Support the server.
  • Access to QA and test upcoming features in development.
  • Access to a secret category with direct access to me and the development team.
  • Able to use colour codes in chat (&dHello World!).

How to donate?

We use Open Collective to manage our "community's bank". This platform allows for transparency, so you can see what we spend the money on and how much we have left.

You can donate via PayPal or a credit/debit card. Every $10 you donate is equivalent to 1 month of Supporter status.

Donate (Open Collective) (opens in a new tab)

Become a supporter ($10 a month, cancel anytime)

For your convenience, you can also donate on a recurring basis.

Become a supporter (Open Collective) (opens in a new tab)

Please note that the process is not automated. To inform us that you have donated, please open a ticket on our Discord server. If you set your name on Open Collective to your Discord username, Tristan will most likely handle this once he receives the email.